North Atlantic Regional High School (NARHS), incorporated in the State of Maine under the name Customized Education Designs, LLC., is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions as a Learning Services Provider and is recognized as a private school authorized to issue a diploma upon graduation credit completion for students living throughout the United States who are completing high-school level courses from home.

Why do I need NARHS accreditation?

NARHS is a Supplementary Education Organization for independent learning students fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Accreditation through NARHS indicates that HSA is an established educational program and that the quality of our curriculum is held accountable to an outside agency. Furthermore, accreditation gives our students the flexibility to more easily transfer their credit to public high schools or to institutions of higher learning.

Will my school accept a NARHS transcript?

NARHS accreditation is important for homeschool or charter school students who are seeking official credit for their HSA coursework. Because NARHS-accredited transcripts are more readily accepted by college admissions boards, the partnership between HSA and NARHS will also give our students confidence that their Spanish coursework will be recognized by admissions.

What are NARHS's prices to validate a High School Credits?

To earn NARHS credit for your HSA course, complete the NARHS course registration process. Upon receipt of payment, NARHS will send a formal request of grades to HSA. This credit will then be certified by NARHS and mailed to the student, the student’s high school, or the student’s requested institution of higher learning.

Customers may pay by PayPal, check, or credit card. If paying by credit card, please call the NARHS office at (800) 882-2828.